Login to claim this Startup helps people with their Job-Interview Preparation and provides access to in-depth authentic information about a company. We provide Interview Questions, Experiences and tips from people who have already been selected at various companies - Recently we launched another product giving job-seekers free access to information about a companies story, products & services, office photos, team, office locations and much more - we think Interview Experiences solves a problem ?We believe in the power of an Individual. An Individual�s Experience. An experience is powerful. But what is more powerful is an experience shared. It resonates. It simmers, sinks in and shapes us, directing students towards new knowledge, polished insights, forming a clearer picture of their goal. An experience shared is an experience remembered !Why do we provide company Information ?We often hear people saying "Research a company before you apply or work there!" and this product exactly solves that. Every company has different sections in their about us section. Some really important sections like Products & Services, company story, office locations, team, etc are often missed. Moreover the structure of these about us sections is not uniform. With this product we aim to solve the very basic problem of researching about a company exhaustively.VISIONOur vision is to build products that connect users with their true ambition and help them build happy careers.MISSIONTo help people discover and prepare for interviews of top companies in their hunt to find the perfect workplace. AMBITION BOX STORY

  1. Mayur Mundada
Venture Capitals